6 Essential Benefits to Taking BCAA Supplements

February 07, 2020 3 min read

You know about protein powder and creatine, but have you tried BCAA yet? This the cutting-edge supplement taking bodybuilding gyms by storm, and we think the hype is warranted. Today, we’re going over all of the biggest BCAA benefits to help you decide whether or not this powerful new solution is something you should integrate into your supplement routine.

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What Is BCAA?

BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids. These are the three essential amino acids—leucine, isoleucine, and valine—that the body uses to grow muscles. Together, these three amino acids comprise about 35 to 40 percent of the amino acids in the body’s muscle protein. One key difference between BCAAs and other types of amino acids is that the body doesn’t naturally produce them, and the only way to get them is through BCAA-rich foods and health supplements. Here are some of the specific ways of taking BCAA supplements can help you reach your health goals.

  1. They Help You Grow Muscle – The most common reason to take BCAA is to help your body build up muscle. These essential amino acids have the unique ability to stimulate and speed up muscle synthesis and kick your body into a state of gaining rather than deteriorating. In fact, studies show that people who take BCAAs built 22 percent more muscle than those who drank a placebo.
  2. They Help Decrease Fatigue – But BCAAs aren’t just for weight lifters! Actually, studies also show that BCAA can help mitigate fatigue caused by many kinds of exercise. When you work out, the body uses up a lot of those essential amino acids to help you build muscle and burn fat. At the same time, the natural levels of BCAA in the bloodstream decrease, causing the body to trigger chemicals that make you feel sleepy (such as tryptophan). Consuming BCAAs helps ensure that the body doesn’t let these fatigue-boosters overtake energizing ones and slow you down when you need the energy the most.
  3. They Aid in Muscle Recovery – Similarly, BCAAs are considered excellent muscle recovery supplements for weightlifters and athletes because they kickstart protein synthesis and help repair the necessary muscle damage the body incurs when working out. You can take a BCAA supplement before, during, or after your workout to fuel the muscles, but it’s always a good idea to take it as a post-workout option to help prepare your body for an effective period of healing.

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  4. They Boost Athletic Performance – Whether you’re a competitive bodybuilder, a long-distance runner, or an athlete looking for a boost, taking a BCAA supplement is not a bad idea. This is because they help prevent you from getting tired when you’re working out while also helping to quickly recover those sore, stiff muscles that tend to hold you back from pushing yourself further. BCAAs may also help protect muscles from future damage or breakdown, which helps you stay at the top of your game and prevents you from skipping sessions.
  5. They Often Include Other Great Supplements – Many of the best BCAA supplements contain more than just these essential amino acids. They may also have energy-boosters like caffeine and protein-builders like pure whey protein. This makes it easy to get your recommended daily dose of all the stuff you take before, during, and after your workout, all in a single product. For example, our Precision Protein formula delivers 24 grams of ultra-premium protein per serving so you get everything your body needs to make fast, lean gains.
  6. They’re Good for Your Immune System – Staying healthy and energetic is a big part of reaching your fitness goals. You’re not going to want to go to the gym and eat healthy when you feel awful, right? BCAAs may be able to help you with that, too! These three powerful amino acids are necessary for supporting the body’s immune cell function, so they can enhance immunity and help you stay in the game.

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Should You Try It?

If your fitness goals involve bulking up, toning, or simply hitting the gym harder, then you’re going to want to give a BCAA supplement a try. You can pair it with whey protein, creatine, and an ephedra extract supplement to help put your body in a state of fat-burning, energized power so you crush all of your workout and weight loss goals. 

Derek Witcher
Derek Witcher

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